Vertical Vendors - Increasing Impulsive Sales

Overview of Vertical Vendors

Vertical Vendor is a global retail merchandising innovation.

In fact, Vertical Vendor’s outstanding point of sale unit has proved hugely successful across the world, generating more impulse purchases.

Currently, available in over 50 countries around the world, using this point of sale unit gives retail outlets a great opportunity to focus customers’ attention on specific promotions and encourage them to buy at the end of their shopping experience.
Vertical Vendors


1. Durable, sustainable standalone unit made of steel panels.

2. Engineered with a steel spring coil and advanced injection-moulded airflow system, set to the highest industrial standards.

3. Calibrated specifically to the product size and weight.


1. Unique grab & go potential to prompt point of sale impulse buys.
2. Optimises selling space (for example holds up to 192 cans; the equivalent of 4m of shelving).
3. Generates an increase of up to 35% in impulse sales when placed near the checkout.
4. Smaller footprint allows for positioning in high traffic areas near the entrance and checkout.
5. Regular rebranding potential, making it a sustainable choice.
6. Interchangeable graphics makes it easy to update and change promotional and brand messages.
7. Offers increased brand identity opportunities and maximum impact whilst taking up minimal display space.
About Us

Vertical Vendors™ registered trade mark, design registered units. No reproduction without permission. Patent applied for technology.

PTC application in 150 countries.

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