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Selling in a supermarket is more than putting out a set of items.

There is quite a bit that goes in the background, played out to increase demand and sales of the goods on display. Here’s our detailed look at the process of using space, and in turn, the need for better product dispensers that help you trigger more impulse purchases.


Psychology is used to influence behaviour in more ways than you might expect.

For example, as a parent you might use reverse psychology to get your children to react in a certain way.

As such you might even tell your teen you were thinking of getting the same tattoo to try and dissuade them!

However, a way in which psychology is used consistently is in the area of sales and marketing. For instance, advertisers often aim at tapping into your emotions, using music and storytelling techniques.

Equally, those in marketing will consider what impact a brand design or colours might have on your senses.

Supermarket Sales 

Another area in which the behaviour of customers is steered is via supermarket sales.

Whilst we are all familiar with how everyday items such bread and milk are often sold at the bottom end of the supermarket aisles, items considered more impulse purchases tend to be placed where they’ll catch a customer’s eye.

Furthermore, it’s evident that the positioning of all goods offered in the supermarket is given very careful thought.

By placing everyday items at the bottom of the store, you ensure that customers are led down a predetermined pathway.

Consequently, they are likely to buy more than they originally intended.

Similarly, they will buy more impulsively.

Premium Space

Although a supermarket may be large, there are very specific areas where goods will sell better than others.

As such, these areas are in high demand from suppliers who will pay a premium for a good position.

Consequently, when selling impulse purchase items such as drinks in a supermarket, space is at a very high premium. For instance, areas in high demand include the end of aisles, often featuring products on promotion.

Lower priced items will also often be displayed around shelves of higher demand items and equally near the entrance and checkouts too.

As such, it’s critical to ensure that any displays maximise the opportunity to sell. 

Ideal Dispensers

Whilst always visually appealing, the perfect point of sale option needs to hold as much product as possible to increase sales potential.

With such a lack of space, the importance for dispensers positioned in key areas to be compact with as small a footprint as possible, is clear.

Therefore, customers will always respond to the least amount of hassle so if a product is displayed with up to date marketing messages and is in easy reach, at the right height, they’re very likely to pick it up and buy it.

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