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Leicester based Metalfacture are, by anyone’s standards, doing the region proud.

Whilst their core services are set around offering sheet metalwork solutions, 60,000 of their innovative Vertical Vendor retail display systems are now in place in over 50 countries around the world.

This unique product has been recognised with a series of awards, including recent POPAI recognition in 2019.

Widely acknowledged as the Oscars of the Manufacturing World, these awards are highly acclaimed indeed and Vertical Vendor was voted a gold award winner in both the Grocery and Innovation categories. They also hold a Silver Shop Award for Beverages.
Vertical Vendors

Our History

The company is going from strength to strength.

Founded in 1997, Metalfacture immersed themselves in the spirit of Leicester and the associated retail industry, learning their trade by specialising in point of sale solutions.

However, with a fresh approach, they soon found that manufacturing designs were generally led from the manufacturer’s stance without taking into account the customer experience.

They subsequently developed the amazing Vertical Vendor POS dispenser, behind which the innovation is truly inspirational.

Having focused heavily on the customer experience, the unit was designed to dispense the product by springing the display to the optimum height for customers to pick up items.

With space at such a premium in stores all around the world, another massive benefit of this compact unit is that they’ve been designed to hold maximum stock with a minimal footprint.

Our Value

The Vertical Vendor unit is a comprehensive point of sale solution made from long lasting sustainable materials.

Holding up to 192 cans, it’s equivalent to 4m of shelving.

It maintains just the right balance between maximising the retailer’s sales opportunity at minimal cost, whilst at the same time, optimising the customer experience, making it incredibly easy and convenient to pick up a product from the dispenser.

Moreover, the unit is sleek and attractive and has real impact when offering drinks as impulse buys.

Best used sitting alongside complementary items such as sandwiches and confectionery, these units give an optimum selling opportunity when placed at store entrances and checkouts.
Vertical Vendors - Increasing Impulsive Sales

Our Extended Value

No area of dispenser sales has been overlooked by this innovative company.

Marketing opportunities too have been given due consideration in the clever design of this quality sales tool.

The unit has plenty of area for branding and promotional messages which is crucial in the selling of drinks but at the same time, it has been brilliantly designed to include the capability to easily and readily change the signage.

There’s really no doubt about it, the Vertical Vendor covers all aspects of exactly what you need to sell impulse purchase drinks.

To learn more, get in touch with us today.

About Us

Vertical Vendors™ registered trade mark, design registered units. No reproduction without permission. Patent applied for technology.

PTC application in 150 countries.

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